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 Installation Tips

  1. Compare cylinder purchased to your original cylinder head.
  2. Clean & inspect all head bolts holes in cylinder block.
  3. Clean & inspect all head bolts.
  4. Clean & inspect cylinder block surface.
  5. Install camshaft seal on OHC applications.
  6. Check for cooling system problems. (Such as worn belts or hoses, plugged radiator or leaking water pump.)
  7. Check electric cooling fan operation where this is applies.
  8. Replace thermostat.
  9. Prime cooling system before starting engine."VERY IMPORTANT"
  10. Take a break if you get stressed out.

 Break-in Tips


  1. Check for proper oil supply to cylinder head.
  2. Run for 15 minutes at 1500 RPM's or to normal operating temperature.
  3. Let engine cool, re-torque cylinder head and re-adjust valves.
  4. Re-start engine, check cooling system function an CO level of engine and Road Test.
  5. Re-torque cylinder head and adjust valves at 1,000 miles.